Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Health Reform: Look How Far We've Come. Now Where the Heck Are We?

The Democrats’ INSISTANCE on Public Option fits with these links:

These links are in agreement with "LP Beria, Psycho-Politics Address on Health Care and Control" which said, only faith healing could stop control of the people through Health Care.and “45 Communist Goals For the Take Over of America’ (reviewed by Congress) all at

The world is not over-populated. Leaders are wrong.

It is our employment lifestyle that is polluting us and creates the world problems. We can turn to a garden paradise lifestyle and solve the world problems easily, quickly, fairly, and inexpensively. It is the only sustainable lifestyle. Confirms planned pandemic.

GOD’S WARNING Do Not Take Swine Flu Shot and what to do to avoid it is at

Google: Swine Flu + Navy Carrier (October 19, 2009)


Evidence as to the depopulation agenda of the Illuminati­/Bilderber­gs and their involvement in the engineering and release of the artificial "swine flu" virus.

Send a CLEAR MESSAGE NOV 3; People of God MUST VOTE OUT a whole party and those too weak and ignorant to require identity documents for this president that others in security sensitive positions must show when they apply for a job. That includes school records, birth certificate, health records, and passport.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who's Killing the Public Option? President Obama With a Rahm-Bow

If the injustice, deception and approaching oppression were not so severe in this administration, we might only have settled for removing Barack Obama and his cabinet for fraudulently taking over the US government. Now we know how far spread this is and how intent they are to take away our freedoms; we can vote the whole party out and leave them neither branch nor root as the Bible says.

People of God cannot be silent now. NOV 3 is an election where we can send a CLEAR message, this party is over. We are voting OUT a party and those too weak and ignorant to require identity documents for this president that others in security sensitive positions must show when they apply for a job. That includes school records, birth certificate, health records, and passport.

Liberals are against God's wisdom. (pro-abortion, pro homo-sexual agenda, pro more government control)

Isaiah 32:5-6 5. The VILE person shall be no more called LIBERAL

Proverbs 29:2 "When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice; but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn." If the people of God do not vote, then the devil's voters will win. It is "God with us" not God instead of us that brings us good leaders.

Marie Devine

God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dangerous Detention Camps Unnecessary

Rep. Alcee I. Hastings, D-Fla introduced a new bill, H.R. 645 to the House of Representatives calling for the secretary of Homeland Security to establish no fewer than six national emergency centers for corralling civilians on military installations.

The H.R. 645 Bill is unnecessary. Six centers around the country would still leave people vastly scattered and would continue confusion and hinder return to normalcy. It would create detention camps that could be used in ways dangerous to our freedoms.

A better proposal for Homeland Security is that in an emergency, the closest schools around the disaster would be used to take care of those in need.
The people could get back to their property when it is clear.
It would be easier to protect, recover or repair their property for full recovery if possible.

Things most schools already have:

Cafeteria to feed the multitude real meals.
Computers to register those who come, and keep tract of when they leave
Separate computers for them to contact relatives.
Telephones to make arrangements and contact relatives.
Intercom that reaches the whole school at once
Intercom can reach individual rooms making cafeteria calls and assemblies easier.
Gymnasium for assemblies and play for children
Clinic for health concerns, easy to add staff.
Smaller rooms to keep families together and children safe and controlled.
Lockdown procedures are usually in place..
Security set-up is already established, easy to be added to.
Buses and Drivers for transportation.
Music Room and Auditorium with Stage for Plays and Music to comfort the people.

It would be a wonderful learning experience for the community including the children.

It would promote the law of “Do to others as you would have them do to you,” and generous loving care, because in future disasters, it would be their neighbors who would be caring for them.

The children could volunteer: teaching younger children to read and write to improve the skill of both, move chairs, tables, cots, blankets, escort people, help people pick up after themselves etc.

They would learn great humanitarian and caring skills. It is a winning situation for all communities as they think to the future of caring for their neighbors.